Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogsignment - Research Update

I went to the Health and Sciences library today as part of the Search Logs assignment. I found the experience to be tremendously helpful. I went in thinking the lady would just ramble on about the same things as the lady that gave us the Davis tour. As a senior, I have already had the same presentation given to me 4 times prior to that. I knew how to work the lib.unc.edu website. However, I was shocked by this lady's expertise. She asked me general to specific questions and began filling in the blanks as she guided me through hsl.unc.edu databases. Those databases seemed to be much more advanced than the ones on lib.unc.edu. Or maybe the reference librarians at Davis just failed to explain or mention the more advanced searching techniques, I'm not sure. All I know is that these search results were on point. Extremely on point. They were also obtained very fast. I would document the entire process on this blog since I took notes, but no one will read this except me and Leo anyways.

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